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Documents Confirm Zionist Saud’s Involvement in Iran Riots

The Lebanese newspaper, Al-Akhbar, posted on Tuesday an article which included documents exposing the Saudi, Bahraini, Emirati, and American involvement in Iran riots.

The article recalled a statement made by the Saudi crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman in 2017 about moving the battle to the Iranian territories in order to keep Al Saud kingdom “safe”, considering that this was the launching point of the strategic endeavor to undermine Iran by striking its internal front.

Spread chaos in the Islamic Republic of Iran was the target which pushed US, Saudi, UAE and Bahrain to start intensive preparations earlier, Al-Akhbar mentioned.

According to the article, the National Media Council in UAE had proposes in 2016 a “media strategy” to deal with the Iranian file before developing it, in coordination with the Americans, so it becomes a plot to undermine Iran’s internal front.

The plan, according to the leaked documents, is based on establishing a public opinion that opposes the Iranian policies inside and outside the Islamic Republic.

The documents show that the target audience are the Iranian opposition groups and the youths living in the Islamic Republic, underlining the importance of spotting the points of difference between the Iranian people and government.

The article indicates that the implementation of the plan requires preparing certain TV and radio programs, creating multilingual websites and social media pages, using the information departments of the embassies, and establishing a think tank center specialized in the Iranian affairs and the News Channel “Iran International’ which misleads the Iranian youths.

The plan was approved by a tripartite US, Saudi and Emirati committee, according to the article which added that the Saudis coordinates in 2020 more steps to invigorate the plan. In this context, Riyadh pledged to provide the amounts of fuel lost due to the US sanction on Iran.

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