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Damascus: Syrian Soldiers Record Significant Victory against Terrorists in Darayya


Syrian military forces pushed terrorists back from a key chunk of Darayya road to al-Mo’adhamiyeh in Western Ghouta, separating militants’ position into two sections.
The Syrian soldiers’ anti-terrorism operation near Darayya left dozens of militants dead or wounded and forced the remaining pockets of them to pull back from at least one kilometer of Darayya-al-Mo’adhamiyeh road.


The Army’s capture of that one kilometer enabled the government forced to create a gap between the terrorists inside and outside of Darayya.

In the meantime, army’s artillery units opened heavy fire at terrorists’ positions in Khan al-Sheih farms and camp and al-Abbasiyeh, leaving tens of militants dead or wounded.

Reports said earlier today that Syrian Army troops and National Defense Forces continued to advance against the terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta, inflicting tens of casualties on them.

The Syrian government forces won back Hawsh Nasri near Hawsh al-Fareh after hours of non-stop clashes with the terrorists.

Meantime, Syrian fighter jets pounded terrorists’ centers in al-Reihan region in Douma and Arba’een region, leaving scores of the militants dead or wounded.

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