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Syrian Army Preparing for Battle in Douma

13921015000556_PhotoI (1)The Syrian army has turned its sights towards a strategic town in the Damascus countryside after they regained control over Felita and Raas Al-Ma’areh yesterday and Yabroud region earlier in the month, military sources said on Tuesday.
Speaking to FNA, a Syrian military source pointed to the army’s plans to regain control of Douma in the Damascus countryside, and said, “Douma is no less important than Yabroud in Al-Qalamoun region.”
Noting the importance of the town of Douma, the source said it is one of the biggest towns in Damascus countryside and controling it is very important for the army.
The army units began another stage of their military operations in Al-Qalamoun region yesterday.
The Syrian army is now in the final stage of gaining full control over Al-Qalamoun concurrent with its victories in the Lattakia countryside in the Western parts of the country.

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