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Damascus Sends More Troops, Tanks to Aleppo Battlefields



Syrian Army has dispatched a large number of soldiers, armored vehicles and tanks to Aleppo province to reinvigorate government forces’ combat and defense capabilities there, military sources said.

“The Syrian army has sent at least 750 soldiers and a number of armored vehicles, heavy military equipment and tanks to Aleppo,” the sources said, adding, “These forces were previously deployed in Damascus and Tartus provinces.”

“The fresh forces will join units of the army and popular forces in Aleppo city to take part in fresh rounds of anti-terrorism operations and also to strengthen government forces’ defense capabilities to face possible attacks by militants,” the sources went on to say.

Media sources said on Sunday that Syrian government forces struck Jeish al-Fatah’s defense lines in the Southern and Southwestern districts of Aleppo city, capturing a number of building blocks.

“A few hours after the end of the humanitarian pause in the Northern city of Aleppo, Syrian soldiers, backed up by artillery units’ heavy fire, stormed the positions of the Jeish al-Fatah terrorist coalition in Salahuddin, al-Mashad and Sheikh Saeed, capturing several residential complexes in Salahuddin,” the sources said.

“The Syrian fighter jets, for their part, pounded terrorists’ positions in the Eastern countryside of Aleppo city, Khan Touman in Southern Aleppo and Kafr Hamra in Northern Aleppo,” the sources added.

“Fierce clashes are underway between army soldiers and Jeish al-Fatah militants in Housing Project 1070,” they went on to say.

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