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Presidential candidate Jalili: Iran at historical juncture, opportunities must be used to achieve progress

Saeed Jalili, a candidate in the June 28 presidential election, says Iran is at a historical juncture, and that the country should use its many opportunities to solve its problems and achieve progress as well.

Jalili, a former chief nuclear negotiator and currently a member of the Assembly of Experts tasked with electing the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, made the remarks in a TV program on Tuesday.

“Today, we have a historic opportunity in front of us. A study of two trends has shown that we are at a historical juncture; the trend of world developments indicate the trend of Iranian people’s progress,” he said.

The presidential hopeful went on to say that these opportunities should be used to bring about more power, progress and prosperity.

“We should recognize these opportunities and plan to make maximum use of them, so that the country’s problems are solved and progress that is in line with the competencies of the Iranian people is achieved, and this will not be possible except by the participation of all people and using everyone’s capacity,” he said.

Jalili further considered “fiscal discipline” to be one of his main priorities if elected president, saying that as head of Iran’s Foreign Ministry Inspection Office thirty years ago, he experienced the same situation and came to the conclusion that unless fiscal discipline is achieved, most of the government departments will be disrupted.

He also outlined that the second important topic he will follow up seriously in all sectors is the “comprehensive participation” of all strata of society in the development of the country.

Profile: Saeed Jalili, Ex-Nuclear Negotiator, Security Body Chief

Profile: Saeed Jalili, Ex-Nuclear Negotiator, Security Body Chief

Saeed Jalili, a former nuclear negotiator, security official, diplomat and a veteran politician, is among the six candidates running for Iran’s presidency.

Jalili pointed to “ocean economy” as one of the examples of the many opportunities the country has to generate growth, noting that many countries in the world that have less coastal areas and a weaker maritime position than Iran are benefiting from the oceans and seas much more than Iran.

Iran will vote for a new president on June 28. The election was called after president Ebrahim Raeisi lost his life along with seven others on May 19, when a helicopter carrying them crashed into a mountainous area in northwest Iran amid foggy conditions.

Six candidates have been approved by the Constitutional Council.

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