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“Damascus Attack Proof of Terrorists’ Barbarism Who Serve zionist Entity”

Hezbollah condemned the terrorist bombing that was carried out on Sunday by Takfiri criminals in the Syrian capital of Damascus.

“This bombing is an episode of a series of bombings that target pilgrims in Syria, civilians in Iraq and worshipers in Pakistan, and claim the lives of dozens of martyrs”, Hezbollah indicated in a statement.

A 5-kilogram explosive device has been planted in the bus of Lebanese pilgrims while they were visiting the grand-daughter of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Sayyeda Rokayya (as) daughter of Imam Hussein (as).

The terrorist blast killed 6 pilgrims and wounded 22 others, including two of critical conditions.

“This brutal bombing represents evidence of the barbarism that is simmering in the hearts of those terrorists who are serving the criminal Zionist entity and achieving its scheme,” it added.

Hezbollah underlined that “bombings, destruction of shrines and vandalizing sanctities carried out by those criminals around the world must be the catalyst for all the rational and vital forces of the nation and of the world to focus efforts on fighting and eliminate them after they became a criminal tool in the hands of the Zionist entity.”

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