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Brutal aftermath of failed ISIS attack against Iraqi PMU near border of Syria



As reported several hours ago, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) earlier today repelled a massive ISIS offensive on their positions near the Syrian-Iraqi border. The attack by ISIS resulted in massive manpower and equipment losses for the terrorist group (see linked article above for details).

Within hours of beating-off the ISIS offensive, PMU media released video footage of a vehicle belonging to the terrorist group which PMU forces had destroyed with an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM). The vehicle was spotted near the Iraqi-Syrian border in the region of Sham al-Badia by PMU forces who engaged it on sight.

According to reports, there were twelve (12) ISIS terrorists traveling in vehicle. All were killed.

Some observers believe that the dozen ISIS fighters inside this vehicle were not part of any military operation, but rather they were fleeing from Syria’s Badia region in the face of advancing pro-government forces there.

However, with gunshots being heard in the background of the video, it is quite possible that even at the time the footage was being recorded, some kind of battle was taking place between the PMU and ISIS in the area to which the twelve ISIS fighters shown dead were part of.


Source: AMN

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