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BREAKING: Syrian Army and allies fully secure strategic site from ISIS in eastern Homs



The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allied paramilitary forces continue to roll back ISIS in eastern Homs, fully securing a strategic site from the terrorist group today.

After one week of battling the Islamic State for control of the al-Hayl gas field, pro-government forces have managed to secure the energy complex from the jihadist organization.

The initial phase of the operation to secure the location saw the SAA capture the southern, eastern and western sectors of the site. However, Syrian military commanders felt uncomfortable with capturing the remainder of the gas field until they secured the high-group which overlooked the northern part of it.

Several days ago, pro-government forces launched an assault into the al-Qalilat mountain chain north of the al-Hayl complex.

After securing most of the al-Qalilat mountain chain from ISIS, pro-government forces managed to establish fire control over the northern sector of the gas field. Under these conditions, the attack on the complex resumed.

Although ISIS put up a brief fight in the northern part of the al-Hayl complex, their resistance collapsed after about one day of fighting and the jihadist militants who were not killed withdrew from the site. The fire control achieved by pro-government forces over al-Hayl was central to this outcome.

With the al-Hayl site now secured, pro-government forces can now turn their attention back to the advance on the ISIS-held strategic town of al-Sukhnah, the last key stronghold of the terrorist group in Homs Governonate.

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