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Iraqi protesters gather at border with Jordan, urging permission to send aid to Gaza

Hundreds of Iraqi protesters from several governorates gathered at the Trebil border crossing in western Iraq near Jordan on Saturday, urging permission to cross the Jordanian border and provide aid to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Footage shows angry protesters holding flags surrounded by a large number of police officers, preventing them from crossing the Jordanian border.

“We brought aid and medicines. We warn them if the aid has not been received by the people of Gaza within a few hours, [we] will open up the borders and get it to fight against Israel,” said Ahmed al-Gazel, a resident of Basra governorate.

“We came peacefully with no weapons, we request the borders to be opened, so we can reach Gaza and provide them with aid and everything else,” said Husam Akram Lafteh, a resident of Baghdad.

Solidarity rallies with Palestinian in the besieged territory are happening worldwide, including in countries such as Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia, Syria, Malaysia, Morocco, South Africa, the US, and more.

(Source: AFP)

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