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Big US convoy moving from Al Tanf towards Iraq-Syria border

The source told Iraqi al-Malouma news website that the convoy was carrying military equipment and weapons, and it was backed by the so-called “Syrian Nomadic Council” forces, which are affiliated with the United States.

The US Al-Tanf military base is located in Homs Governorate, Syria, which is located along the Iraq and Jordan–Syria border.

According to the source, American helicopters and drones accompanied the military convoy and apparently “these measures are to completely seal off the border in the east of Syria and the West of Iraq, which will take place after the end of the Arbaeen ceremony.”

The suspicious actions by Washington in Syria have attracted regional media attention recently as the plundering of Syrian oil and wealth by the American occupiers continues.

It seems that the US seeks to control the border region between Iraq and Syria by organizing new terrorist groups and returning the notorious ISIL to the scene.

Washington claims that it has stationed its military in Syria to fight the ISIL.


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