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Arbaeen carries message of freedom, independence

“Arbaeen is a flag to keep Ashura alive and conveys a message of freedom and independence. It reminds the people that they should always live with [the memory of] Imam Hussain (AS),” he told a crowd of people in Birjand, the capital of the eastern South Khorasan Province on Wednesday.

“Ashura was and will be the source of all developments in human history and the origin of all uprisings, movements and revolutions,” the President added.

Raeisi stated that Imam Hussein (AS) gave his blood to remove ignorance from human society, adding, “The philosophy of Ashura and the uprising of Imam Hussein (AS) is that man gains the power of analysis and insight, distinguishing friend from enemy and the right way from the wrong way.”

Arbaeen marks the 40th day after Ashura, the martyrdom anniversary of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)’s grandson in the holy Iraqi city of Karbala.


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