“American Coalition in Syria providing an umbrella for transit of weapons, ammunition, mercenaries for ISIL”


Iran’s senior military commander said Friday Iran was ready for a “decisive and difficult confrontation” with the US after Hillary Clinton threatened Tehran with military action.
Defining her hawkish foreign policy in a speech Thursday in San Diego, Clinton said the US could disarm Iran by military action if she became the president.

“Although talk of all options being on the table against Iran is a propaganda show in the United States, the Islamic Iran is prepared for a decisive and difficult confrontation with any American option,” Brig. Gen. Massoud Jazayeri, deputy chief of staff of Iran armed forces, said.

“Our nation and armed forces have never sought a war, but they have not neglected their defensive preparation for a moment,” the commander said. “In case the American military threats are implemented, they (Iranians) are ready to rid humanity of the evil of America’s warmongering and hegemonic policies in a real and direct battle,” he added.

In her speech, Clinton took credit for a nuclear agreement that allows Iran to continue its peaceful nuclear program but keeps Clinton’s hypothetical war with Iran on the table.

“The world must understand that the United States will act decisively if necessary, including with military action, to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon,” Clinton said. “In particular, Israel’s security is non-negotiable. They’re our closest ally in the region and we have a moral obligation to defend them,” she added.

Jazayeri also took aim at US President Barack Obama’s remarks on Thursday when he said “in Syria, the suffering in the civil war has been heartbreaking to see a nation shattered, and hundreds of thousands killed and millions driven from their homes.”

“The Americans have apparently forgotten that they are one of the legs fighting the war in Syria where through their all-inclusive support for ISIL and Tafkiri terrorists, they have put the oppressed Syrian people under the wreckage of their proxy wars for six years now,” the Iranian commander said.

Jazayeri denounced the American characterization of the conflict in Syria as a civil war, calling it a “propaganda stunt.”

He said, “The so-called American coalition against ISIL has brought about nothing apart from providing an umbrella of support for transit of weapons, ammunition, mercenaries and hired terrorists in order to continue the war against the Syrian people and government.”

“American Coalition in Syria providing an umbrella for transit of weapons, ammunition, mercenaries for ISIL” Tags

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