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Aleppo: Jeish Al-Fatah Fails again to Take Back Key Hilltop of Um Al-Qara’a from Syrian Army


Syrian Army troops and their popular allies did not allow Jeish al-Fatah to advance against government positions in the strategic height of Um al-Qara’a South of Aleppo city, military sources announced Wednesday.
“Um al-Qara’a hilltop that overlooks the only supply line of Jeish al-Fatah from Khan Touman to the Southern districts of Aleppo is under the full control of the government forces, and two large-scale offensives of Jeish al-Fatah to capture the key hilltop have been unsuccessful,” the sources said.

“The last offensive of Jeish al-Fatah to capture Um al-Qara’a was the largest one in the last month which testifies importance of this hilltop in the region,” they added.

“Jeish al-Fatah lost at lest 40 members, six tanks and six military vehicles and retreated from the battlefield without any result,” the sources said.

Terrorists of Jeish al-Fatah coalition acknowledged on Tuesday that the Syrian army and popular forces seized two key hills South of Aleppo city that overlook a key road connecting Khan Touman to the city.

The terrorist groups declared that first regiment of their forces were targeted by missile units of the Syrian army deployed to the hilltops of al-Senowbarat and Um al-Qara’a “meaning that the only supply line of the terrorist groups connecting the Southern part of Aleppo city to Khan Touman was actually cut off”.

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