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Al-Houthi: Targeting of Israel-linked ships in Red Sea will continue

Yemen’s Ansarullah leader Abdel-Malik al-Houthi says the targeting of ships linked to Israel will continue until aid reaches the Palestinian people in Gaza.

In a televised speech on Thursday, al-Houthi said the main reason for the continuation of Zionist crimes is America’s position.

“America insists that Gaza remain under complete siege and the Rafah crossing stays closed. America insists that the aid and supplies needed by the Palestinian people do not enter Gaza,” he said.

“America sends its officers to the region to manage Zionist crimes. America is directly involved in the starvation of the Palestinian people. Not only are they starting them, but they are giving bombs to Israel to kill them.”

The US not only does not allow food and medicine to enter Gaza, but it has also escalated tension with Yemen which has cost it dearly.

“America’s escalation against our country has a heavy price for them from an economic point of view, and it will also have negative results in the expansion of the scope of the war,” al-Houthi said.

The US, he said, does not care about endangering shipping and turning the Red Sea into a battlefield, nor does it have any problem with expanding the scope of the war and intensifying the situation in the region.

The US is trying to project its aggression against Yemen and its actions to protect Israel as a step toward guaranteeing international shipping.

“It is the actions of the United States and the United Kingdom that are a danger to navigation and a violation of the sovereignty of the countries of the Red Sea region,” he said.

Since the beginning of Yemen’s operations in the Red Sea, 4,874 merchant ships have passed through the Red Sea, which is a high number, al-Houthi said.

“We only target Israeli ships. Our goal is to exert pressure to deliver food and medicine to the Palestinian people and to prevent Zionist crimes.”

Any escalation by America and England will have opposite results, al-Houthi asserted, saying it will not “affect our will and determination”.

“We are doing a holy act, which we consider to be a part of Jihad in the path of Allah.”

The Muslim people of Yemen, he said, have presented themselves as a model at all levels, citing weekly demonstrations held across the country.

“The cry of our nation to the Palestinian nation is ‘You are not alone’ and ‘We are with you until victory’. The people of Yemen will not leave Gaza alone, and our people in their homes will not ignore the events in Gaza.

“I ask our people to continue their weekly demonstrations. I want them to come to the streets tomorrow, Friday, in Saba’in Square in Sana’a and other provinces. Tomorrow, God willing, our nation will emphasize that Gaza is not alone and Yemen is with the Palestinian people until victory.”

The result of Yemen’s operations so far has been attacking the enemy with more than 200 drones and more than 50 ballistic and cruise missiles, al-Houthi said.

“Our operations will continue until food and medicine reach all the people of Gaza and stop the Zionist crimes. Our conscience, our faith and our bond with the Palestinian people do not allow us to sit quietly and watch. America’s insistence on supporting Zionist crimes and rejecting fair humanitarian equations will not affect our positions and will not cause us to retreat.”

Al-Houthi said nations whose regimes severely repress them can boycott American and Israeli goods.

“Muslims have a great responsibility to support the Palestinian people. If the Muslims had provided the necessary support to the Palestinian people and Islamic fighters, the equation would have changed completely.”

Al-Houthi said the enemy has failed to crush the will and determination of the Islamic fighters and the people of Gaza, only exposing its aggressive nature, hatred, brutality and moral bankruptcy with its heinous daily crimes.

“The more they failed to achieve their goals, the more they were inclined to commit horrible crimes,” he said.

Meanwhile, international institutions are mere observers of the ongoing events.

“Where is their practical position? America and the West do not make any decisions regarding Israel’s mass killings and the statements made by international institutions about Gaza do not in any way reflect the real events in Gaza.”

Al-Houthi said despite the financial and military support of the US and the West, Israel’s military and economic losses to Israel are high.

“The losses of the Israeli enemy have reached thousands of dead and wounded, and the regime has been shaken in an unprecedented way and has completely failed in what it hoped to achieve.”

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