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According to specialized reports, hardly can radars detect Iran’s Shahed-136 Drone

The Iranian Kamikaze drone Shahed-139 can fly for a distance of 2500 kilometers and carry out deadly attacks. According to specialized reports, hardly can radars detect such drones.

The following video shows Shahed-136 drones as well as long-ranged missiles hitting their targets accurately.

This sophisticated military advancement poses a major threat to the Zionist entity in case of any upcoming war between the two sides.

The Zionist circles have been following the reports about the Russian use of Shahed-136 drone to attack the various targets in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

Russia is increasingly using Iranian drones in Ukraine, which is a threat that “must be taken seriously” in the international arena, not only in the countries’ respective regions, Israeli West Asia affairs analyst Seth Frantzman wrote in The Jerusalem Post.

According to Frantzman, Iran has been exporting either pieces or blueprints of drones to its regional allies, such as Ansar Allah in Yemen, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Hamas in occupied Palestine. What is notable, however, is that the UAVs are now much more sophisticated than they used to be, with longer ranges and higher precision.

The massive Russian attack on Ukraine carried out by Iranian weaponry is an establishing event with respect to ‘Israel’, according to an article published by Times of Israel Website.

The website called for imagining the situation in the Zionist entity if the Iranian missiles do not get intercepted during any war, the website added.

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had announced that the Russian forces used Iranian drones during their attack.

The website added that the extent of damage caused by the Iranian drones used by the Russian forces against the Ukrainian targets terrifies the Israelis and makes them wonder about the scene of similar Iranian drone attacks on the occupation entity.

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