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Abu Marzouk: Hamas firm on its swap deal pre-condition

Member of Hamas’s political bureau Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouk stressed that Hamas will never compromise its condition before embarking on any future prisoners’ swap deal in exchange for the Israeli soldiers missing in Gaza.

H explained that his Movement’s pre-condition is the release of the 54 Palestinian prisoners who were rearrested after being released in Wafa al-Ahrar swap deal.

Regarding the truce with Israel, Abu Marzouk said that Hamas officials are not meeting with Israeli officials at all and that the indirect talks ended in Egypt when the war on Gaza ended.

In an interview with al-Quds TV satellite channel on Friday, Abu Marzouk said that there are personal initiatives by some figures including the quartet envoy to the Middle East Tony Blair to provide ideas for all parties.

On Hamas’s relations with the Syrian regime, Abu Marzouk stressed that there is no communication with it and the other Palestinian factions are carrying out this task, and he hoped that these communications would lead to neutralizing the Palestinian refugee camps from the conflict there.

On the reasons behind his two visits to Lebanon, Abu Marzouk affirmed that they were aimed at discussing the conditions of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and maintaining security in the refugee camps.

Abu Marzouk said that the problem of the Palestinian refugees who fled from Syria to Lebanon was solved and the Lebanese authorities released the refugees who have been recently arrested under the pretext of not having residence permits and the residence permits of all the refugees residing in Lebanon will be renewed.

Abu Marzouk denied that he has met the Secretary General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah and also denied the Israeli claims over Hamas’s alleged involvement in Sinai attacks.

“The Egyptian official position hasn’t charged Hamas of any terrorist acts there,” Abu Marzouk affirmed, and added: “Hamas has deployed security forces along the border with Egypt to deter any infiltration into or from the Gaza Strip.”

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