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Syrian Army Takes Control of Key Road from Kuweires to Aleppo



Syrian Army troops continued their advances against ISIL in Eastern Aleppo and took control over a strategic road connecting the Kuweires region to the town of Khanasser.

The army men first pushed ISIL back from Tal (hill) al-Hawareh, and al-Jaboul lake South-East of Aleppo province and then moved towards the road connecting areas South of the Kuweires airbase to the Northeast of Khanasser town that ends in al-Hawareh hill.

The ISIL suffered heavy casualties and its military hardware sustained major damage in the army’s advances.

Field sources said Russia’s aerial back up played a crucial role in the advances made by the Syrian army’s ground troops in al-Majbal region and al-Hawareh hill West of al-Oweishiyeh hill.

“Army’s control over these hills has enabled the government troops to monitor the terrorists’ movements on the key road of Tadif-Al-Bab, and tightened siege on ISIL inside al-Bab town.

In relevant developments in the province on Tuesday, the army troops engaged in heavy fighting with ISIL terrorists near the key town of Khanasser and could fend off their attack after inflicting a number of casualties on them.

The army men warded off ISIL’s assault to prevail over government forces’ positions to the South of Um Mayal town, killing or wounding tens of terrorists.

A military source said that the clashes between ISIL and the army men have not left any impact on army’s control on Khanasser-Homs road, underlining that the key road from Hama to Aleppo is safe and open.

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