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Abdullahian: crisis in Syria can only be solved through political means

download9-300x159Iran’s Assistant Foreign Minister, Hussein Amir Abdullahian, reiterated on Thursday that the crisis in Syria can only be solved through political means, pointing out to the support offered by some sides to the armed terrorist groups in Syria and its impact on the future of regional security.
Meeting UN-OPCW Joint Mission Coordinator in Syria, Sigrid Kaag, Abdullahian said that the efforts exerted by Iran and the UN proved that if measures were unbiased, success will be realized for other issues in Syria.
Kaag expressed satisfaction over her visit to Iran and the support Iran gave her to make her mission succeed in Syria, saying “It was a collective success that was realized by the support of Iran and the constructive cooperation of the Syrian officials.”
The organization on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) announced last Monday that Syria had shipped out the last portion of chemical materials in order to be destroyed in the sea, hailing the constructive cooperation of the Syrian government with the organization in this regard.
In another meeting with a delegation from the French National Council’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Abdullahian stressed that Iran supports the political and democratic tracks based on the demands of the peoples in Syria and Iraq.

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