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Iran supports efforts to end Syria conflict

Iran’s Parliament (Majlis) Speaker Ali Larijani has reaffirmed the Islamic Republic’s support for every effort to help find a political solution to the prolonged conflict in Syria.

In a Sunday meeting with Syrian Ambassador to Tehran Adnan Mahmoud , Larijani said Iran’s parliament has always been closely following up on the developments in Syria and “backs any mechanism necessary to help the Syrian government and nation under the current circumstances.”

Larijani further hailed deep-rooted relations between Tehran and Damascus, calling on both sides to maintain their friendly ties.

Mahmoud, for his part, expressed gratitude to the Iranian nation, government and parliament for their support for Syria. He also briefed the top parliamentarian on the latest developments in Syria.

Syria has been grappling with deadly violence since March 2011. The Western powers and their regional allies – especially Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey – are arming and funding militants to fight against the Damascus government.

Reports show that the violence fueled by the militant groups has claimed the lives of an estimated 210,000 people so far.

Iran has repeatedly stressed that it will not interfere militarily in Iraq and Syria, but that it continues to provide support for both countries against the ISIL militants in the form of defense consultancy and humanitarian aid.

The Takfiri militants are fighting the governments of Iraq and Syria.

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