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29 Civilians Killed in Turkish Strikes on ISIL-Controlled City



At least 29 civilians, including eight children, lost their lives on Thursday in new airstrikes by Turkish warplanes on an ISIL bastion in Northern Syria, activists said.

The activists told local media that the airstrikes were conducted on the flashpoint town of Al-Bab, which Turkish forces have been trying to grab from the ISIL militants.

Earlier reports said the fighter jets flying for the US-led coalition and the Turkish air force pounded the residential areas in the two provinces of Raqqa and Aleppo in Syria, killing at least 10 civilians.

The Turkish fighter jets targeted the residential areas in al-Bab city in Northeastern Aleppo also earlier today which killed at least 7 civilians, wounded several others and destroyed many houses..

The sources added that the number of civilian casualties may rise as a number of wounded people are in critical conditions.

Meanwhile, the US-led coalition warplanes launched airstrikes against civilian targets in al-Tabaqah city in Western Raqqa, killing 3 civilians and smashing their houses and the city’s infrastructure.

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