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114 Daesh Terrorist Killed in Last 48 Hours in Mosul, Kirkuk and Ramadi

In the most security situation in recent days in Iraq , Security forces kill 91 ISIS elements, foil ISIS attack south of Mosul.

Media officials with the Ministry of Defense announced on Friday the killing of 91 ISIS elements during clashes in the villages of Muhana and Khardan south of Mosul capital of Nineveh Province.

According to IraqiNews “The security forces had managed to kill 91 terrorists and foiled an attack by ISIS on the villages of Muhana and Khardan south of Mosul.”

Noteworthy, a security force was able to repel an ISIS attack on the village of al-Nasr south of the city of Mosul a few days ago.

Iraqi army kills 9 ISIS elements, including senior leader, east of al-Baghdadi

Media officials with the Defense Ministry announced on Thursday the killing of nine ISIS elements, including a senior leader, who is a Moroccan national, during a bombing east of al-Baghdadi vicinity in Anbar Province.

“The Iraqi army’s Seventh Division had managed, today, to kill the ISIS terrorist called Abu Suhaib al-Maghrabi along with three of his aides, in addition to killing five others as a result of accurate strikes by the Artillery Division in the area of Zakhikha east of al-Baghdadi.”

2 senior ISIS leaders killed in artillery strike east of Ramadi, says Anbar Operations

The commander of Anbar Operations Command, Maj. Gen. Ismail al-Mahalawi, announced on Thursday the killing of two ISIS top leaders by an artillery shelling east of Ramadi.

Mahalawi added, “The shelling also resulted in the death of two ISIS top leaders, including Muhammed al-Maslawi, the explosives official for ISIS in the area of Kartman.”

Mahalawi said “The army’s artillery of Anbar Operations was able to shell a shelter belonging to the terrorists in the area of Kartman in al-Khalediya Island (23 km east of Ramadi), resulting in the destruction of the shelter.”

Coalition warplanes kill, wound 32 ISIS members southwest of Kirkuk

Also a security source in Kirkuk province said on Friday, that 32 ISIS (Islamic State, ISIS , ISIL, Daesh) members had been killed in an aerial bombing southwest of the province.

The source said : “The US B-52 bomber conducted aerial strikes targeting sites belonging to the ISIS in the vicinity of al-Rashad and Bashir village (35 km southwest of Kirkuk),” adding that, “The bombardment resulted in killing 12 ISIS elements and 20 others, in addition to destroying three tactical units.”

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