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Video-Assad visits Syrian support rally

Huge masses of Syrians marched in the main squares of various Syrian cities to express support for the reform program of president Bashar al-Assad and reject foreign intervention in Syria’s internal affairs.

President Bashar Al-Assad appeared suddenly on stage in the Umayyad mosque in Damascus in an unprecedented visit for him to a Syrian rally since the unrest began.

He arrived with his family to the Umayyad square. He addressed the Syrians telling them he wanted to be among them in Damascus; the capital of resistance, civilization, and history.

The president added that the main priorities are implementing reform and eliminating terrorism in the country.

The Syrian president saluted the Syrian people for standing united against pressures on their country. He also saluted the Syrian Arab army for protecting the Syrian people from armed groups.
Syrians expressed satisfaction over President Assad’s presence in the square and reaffirmed their full support for his reform program.

The demonstrators raised the Syrian flag and held placards with slogan that express their unity in the face of pressures on their country. They also thanked the Syrian Arab Army for standing in the face of armed terrorist groups. The Syrian people rejected what they called a false media campaign launched against Syria by some satellite TV channels to create sedition among the Syrians.

The Syrian people expressed satisfaction over President Bashar Al-Assad’s speech reaffirming their support for his reform program. They once again stress that the solution for their problems should be a Syrian one.



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