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Victorious Syrian Army eliminates Turkey, US, Israel, West, KSA, Qatar-backed, armed, financed ISIS terrorist group, confiscates its weapons in Homs


A Syrian army unit killed all members of a terrorist group affiliated to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) organization to the east of al-Furqlus on Homs-Palmyra road in the eastern countryside of Homs and confiscated their weapons, ammunition and communication devices.

A source in the the central province told SANA reporter that a unit of the armed forces clashed with the ISIS terrorist group which had taken a gas station east of al-Furqlus as a den and a base from which to launch its criminal acts.

It noted that the terrorists, who were all killed in the operation, were wearing explosive belts, adding that the army unit also confiscated a
number of explosive devices ready for remote detonation.

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