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Al-Qaeda’s Heavy Arms Depot Discovered in Jordan

Al-Qaeda’s Heavy Arms Depot Discovered in Jordan

A depot of heavy weaponry belonging to the Al-Qaeda-linked militants has been discovered at the country’s border with Syria, informed sources disclosed on Saturday.
Jordanian sources said members of the Jordan-based Salafi-Takfiri current who enjoy the support of Qatar’s intelligence and security forces have transferred part of the weapons of the militants fighting against the Syrian government to a secret depot in Jordan near the border with Syria.

“The arms depots contains heavy weapons, Grad missiles and heavy machine-guns,” they said, and added, “The weapons have been transferred to Jordan from Daraa province in Southern Syria and hidden in mountainous border regions.”

According to the sources, the weapons have been shipped to Jordan from Syria to help Takifiri fighters prepared for any possible confrontation with the Jordanian army.

In December, Iraqi security forces announced that a depot of heavy weaponry belonging to the Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists was discovered in Iraq.

A total of 120 Grad missiles along with a map and a detailed plan for launching missile attacks on Karbala city located 100 kilometers from the capital Baghdad have been discovered in the depot, the security forces said at the time.

The discovered arms cache was located in Al-Osoud region in Babel province in Central Iraq.

The Iraqi security forces said they had also discovered a special plan of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) elaborating on the strategy for capturing the Northern parts of the country and establishing a Caliphate government in those regions.

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