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Syrians in France, Bulgaria stage sit-ins in rejection of Turkish aggression on Syria

20140330-221251_h536231Large numbers of the Syrian community in France staged a sit-in in front of the Turkish Embassy in Paris Sunday to express rejection of Turkish aggression against Syria.

French, Turkish and Armenian citizens participated in the event voicing support to Syrian Army and rejection of hostile stances of the Turkish regime against Syria.

Participants, holding posters of President Bashar al-Assad and waving Syria flags, stressed their support and appreciation of the Syrian army in defending Syria against the armed terrorist groups, supported and funded by the government of Turkish PM Recep Tayyib Erdogan.

The Turkish participants highlighted who is cracking down on demonstrations and obscuring social media outlets has no right to spread democracy in the world.

For their part, Armenian participants said the Syrian Arab Army is defending “the last Armenian city in the Middle East, which is Kassab in Lattakia,” adding the entire world should support the Syrian army in facing the takfiri mentality which is infiltrating Syria through Turkey.

Sit-in in Sofia, Bulgaria in rejection of Erdogan stances regarding Syria

In Sofia in Bulgaria, crowds of the Syrian community staged a sit-in in front of the Turkish Embassy in Sofia in rejection of the Turkish government’s interference in the Syrian internal affairs.

Participants also denounced the Turkish government’s logistic, military and financial support to terrorists, particularly in their aggression on Lattakia countryside and Kassab.

Participants, including representatives of Bulgarian parties and a number of clergymen, expressed their solidarity with Syria and rejection of the terrorist role played by Erdogan’s government against Syria, adding that the Armenian citizens in Kassab, who escaped the massacres which had been committed by the Ottomans, are being slaughtered once again.

Armenian participants expressed gratitude to the Syrian army, people and leadership for protecting the Syrian Armenians.

Speeches made by representatives of Hungarian parties stressed that Syria and Bulgaria have deep history and joint destiny, adding that the acts of Erdogan’s government regarding Syria are similar to the acts of the Ottomans against the Bulgarian people.

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