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Syrian Army Foils ISIL Attack in Hasaka, Destroys its Military Trucks

Syrian army unit foiled on Sunday an ISIL attack on military posts in the southeastern countryside of Hasaka, northeastern Syria, SANA reported.

A source in the province said that the operations left dozens of ISIL terrorists killed and their vehicles, some of which equipped with heavy machine guns, were destroyed.

Earlier, the source said an army unit destroyed two trucks packed with massive amounts of explosives near the village before a number of ISIL terrorists infiltrated it.

“More ISIL terrorists were killed and a number of their vehicles, with machine guns mounted on some of them, were destroyed in army operations that targeted their dens and gatherings in the villages of Makhzoum, Souda and Abd in the southwestern countryside of Hasaka,” SANA said.

At dawn today, the soldiers at Abyad checkpoint, 10 km to the south-west of Hasaka also destroyed 3 ISIL truck bombs before reaching the checkpoint.

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