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Syrian troops crush infiltration bids by terrorists

Syrian armed forces have continued operations against intruding insurgents and terrorist across the country, inflicting major losses on the foreign-backed elements in areas surrounding major cities of Aleppo, Homs, Daraa, Idlib and Homs.
In Aleppo countryside, army units on Thursday targeted terrorist staging grounds and hideouts in al-Atareb, Kwairis, Hasin, Daret Izza, Qibtan al-Jabal, to the north of the Industrial area, Tal Susin, al-Sheikh Said, Fakhour and Kafer Hamra, killing a number of insurgents and injuring many others while destroying their vehicles, state news agency SANA reported citing a military source.
The source added that an army unit thwarted an armed terrorist group’s attempt to infiltrate from Ikthar al-Bithar area in Aleppo city towards the safe areas in the city, killing and injuring a number of its members.
The government troops have also gained strategic ground around Aleppo throughout this week, residents and state media reports said on Wednesday, squeezing the main insurgent supply line into the city following months of battlefield gains by army units.
Meanwhile, army forces in Daraa countryside foiled two attempts by armed insurgents to infiltrate into safe areas, the first from Nawa village towards Tal al-Hash and the second from al-Herak city towards a military checkpoint. Numerous armed militants were killed and wounded in the operation.
Syrian troops also killed many terrorists and injured others in the towns of Tafas, Tal Shihab, Mzereb and in Attman, in addition to destroying a vehicle carrying a group of insurgents in al-Ghezlan Farm.
Insurgent staging area were also targeted on the road between Tasil-Nawa, to the East of Tal Jammou, on Salmin-Zamrin crossroads, in Attman town and to the east of Samlin where many armed militants were killed or injured.
Army units further thwarted two more infiltration attempts by armed insurgents from Nawa to Tal al-Hash and from al-Herak towards a military post, killing scores of the intruding forces.
In Homs countryside, army units killed and injured a number of insurgent on Rahoum-Masa’deh road and on Arshouneh road.
A military source told SANA that army units targeted armed insurgent groups on al-Ghajar-al-Rastan road and in Ein Hussein in Talbiseh and Um Sharshouh, killing and injuring a number of terrorists and destroying two vehicles carrying a group of terrorist forces in Tal Abu al-Sanasel.
Syrian troops also foiled an attempt by intruding terrorists to attack an electricity generating station near Idelb province, killing many of the mercenaries and injuring others, in addition to destroying a vehicle equipped with a heavy machine-gun.
Meanwhile in Hama, scores of insurgents were killed and injured in an operation against their staging grounds in Mourik town. The bodies of a number of known terrorists were identified among those killed in the operation.
Authorities also seized a truck laden with various types of ammunition hidden in cement bags as terrorists were driving on Hama-Kafrbehm road.
Also in rural Idlib, army units targeted several insurgent hiding bunkers and staging grounds in the towns of Kaflata, Majdalia, Bkafloun, Qminas and the surrounding of Jabal al-Arbaeen, leaving many of the armed elements dead and injured.

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