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Syrian Army Completing Chain of Security around Western Damascus



Continued peace talks between the Syrian government and militants in Western Ghouta and the army’s advances against terrorists groups in the region are paving the ground for the restoration of full security to areas West of Damascus province, informed sources said Tuesday.

The sources said that while peace talks are underway between militants in the towns of Kafr Hawar, Beit Saber and Beit Tima with the Syrian government, some terrorist groups deployed in one of the most important towns of this region, Beit Jin and its surrounding farms, have opposed the agreement.

“Terrorists in Beit Jin know that if they surrender to the army and be evacuated to Idlib what they call to be a revolution will be over,” they said, adding, “In the meantime, the crackdown exercised by the terrorists deployed in Idlib on other militants that hand over their territories to the government forces has reached to its highest levels.”

“Liberation of this region means the terrorists will have no other way to get into Damascus any more.”

“Hundreds of terrorists affiliated to different groups in Beit Jin that have been trying hard to join other groups in Wadi al-Bardi and al-Qalamoun regions have engaged in serious arguments with those militants that intended to join the peace plan,” the sources went on to say.

The terrorist groups in Damascus province have warned their peers in Beit Jin and its surrounding towns to stay away from the peace plan, they added.

Beit Jin is of importance due to its proximity to the borders of the occupied Golan and Southern borders between Syria and Lebanon.

Liberation of Beit Jin will restore security to regions behind the strategic towns near Beit Jin, including Hadar that is considered a defense line to maintain security of Quneitra front in Southern Syria.

“If the army and its allies manage to cleanse Beit Jin from terrorists, there would be no more threat to Damascus city from its Western borders because the terrorists would not be able to lift the siege on their comrades and will fail to connect the Western territories of Damascus to Quneitra,” the sources said.

“Hundreds of terrorists are deployed in Beit Jin, but in case the city is not handed over to the Damascus forces, the army would soon start operation to capture the town and region militarily,” they underlined.

On Monday, the Syrian Army troops intensified their anti-terrorism operation in Western Ghouta after Fatah al-Sham Front (previously known as the al-Nusra Front) did not continue to the peace talks with the Damascus government.

The army had dispatched a large number of its forces with a large volume of equipment to launch a fresh phase of operation in case the militants refuse to join reconciliation plan.

The army men started a fresh round of operation to liberate the militant-held region of Wadi al-Bardi and stormed Fatah al-Sham’s positions in the farms near Wadi al-Bardi, advancing vastly against militants near the town of Wadi al-Bardi.

A military source said that the army will continue its non-stop battle to force terrorists to hand over Wadi al-Bardi to government forces.

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