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Syrian Army Captures Two Towns from ISIS in East Aleppo

The Syrian Arab Army’s 46th Regiment of the 2nd Division – in coordination with the National Defense Forces (NDF) and predominately Palestinian “Liwaa Al-Quds” (Jerusalem Brigades) – launched an assault on the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham’s (ISIS) defensive positions at the towns of Al-Salihiyah and Tal Rayman inside the Aleppo Governorate’s eastern countryside on Wednesday.

With ISIS besieging the Kuweires Military Airport inside the Deir Hafer Plains; this left the towns of Tal Rayman and Al-Salihiyah poorly protected, which boosted the Syrian Armed Forces’ presence east of the Al-Safira District.

Caught off-guard at Tal Rayman and Al-Salihiyah, the Syrian Armed Forces struck the terrorist group’s frontline defenses, capturing these towns after a series of fierce clashes with the ISIS combatants on the road to the village of ‘Ayn Sabr.

Following the capture of Al-Salihiyah and Tal Rayman, the Syrian Armed Forces advanced their frontlines to the villages of ‘Ayn Sabr and Al-Qaratiyah, where they confronted another ISIS contingent en route to the imperative Aleppo Thermal Station that sits on the Deir Hafer Highway, which ultimately leads to the Kuweires Military Airbase.

The Kuweires Military Airbase has been under a brutal three year siege that has forced the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers inside the airport to entrench themselves and combat the variety of enemy groups attacking their positions over the years.

ISIS has repeatedly attempted to break-through the Syrian Armed Forces’ frontline defenses at the Kuweires Military Airbase; however, they have failed on every attempt.

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