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Syrian Air Force Destroys ISIL’s Oil Facilities in Northwestern Raqqa


The Russian fighter jets continued pounding the ISIL’s positions in the Northwestern part of Raqqa province, and destroyed the Takfiri terrorist group’s oil exploration facilities there.
At least four oil extraction facilities of the ISIL were destroyed in the Russian airstrikes in Northwestern Raqqa.

The Russian air force, meantime, heavily pounded the ISIL’s military positions in the surrounding areas of the village of Abu Allaj on Ithrya-Raqqa road near the city of Tabaqa.

The Syrian army backed up by the Russian air force is continuing its advances towards al-Tabaqa city’s military airport as it is only 25 kilometers from the airport’s runway.

Earlier on Saturday, the Syrian army started new military operations to seize back the ISIL-controlled city of Raqqa.

The Syrian army kicked off the new operation to take control of the city of Taqaba first and then move towards Raqqa city, the Arabic-language Al-Akbar newspaper reported.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have also announced that they are planning to launch an operation to seize back Raqqa.

The army and its allies began the offensive by artillery attacks, supported by airstrikes, against the Eastern parts of Raqqa which host the main strongholds of the ISIL terrorists.

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