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Satellite Imagery Confirms the Destruction of Another Historical Site in Palmyra

Over the weekend, local sources from the ancient city of Palmyra reported the destruction of another historical site by ISIL; however, no images were released to show the alleged demolition of the Temple of Ba’al – the supreme god to the ancient Canaanites (land of Canaan: present-day Levant).

On Tuesday morning, the Syrian Government released before-and-after photos of the Temple of Ba’al via satellite imagery; these photos confirmed the destruction of this UNESCO historical site by the terrorists of ISIS.

The destruction of the Temple of Ba’al in Palmyra marks the third time in three weeks that the terrorists of ISIL have demolished a historical site inside the Homs Governorate’s eastern countryside – the previous two occurred in Palmyra and Al-Quraytayn (west of Palmyra).

According to ISIL social media activists, the ancient shrines of Palmyra are heretical, due to their idolatrous tribute to the supreme god of the Canaanites, Ba’al.

ISIL has not only the targeted shrines of the Canaanite pagans, they have also destroyed the historical Syriac Christian monastery inside the ancient Assyrian city of Al-Quraytayn, sparking outrage amongst many of Syria and Iraq’s Christian minorities.

The terrorist group has also targeted civilians living in these ancient cities: in early August, 230 civilians were kidnapped by ISIL after the capture of Al-Quraytayn – they have not been released and their whereabouts are unknown.

ISIL did not stop there: two weeks after their capture of Al-Quraytayn, the terrorist group executed the 82 year old Director of Antiquities at the Palmyra History Museum, Dr. Khaled Al-As’ad – he was beheaded and had his body publicly displayed by the terrorist members of ISIL.

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