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Photos- Humanitarian aid delivered to citizens in al-Wa’ar, Homs

1604697_647189631983489_90774982_n (1)Humanitarian and relief assistances were delivered Thursday to citizens of al-Wa’ar neighborhood in Homs were prevented from practicing their normal lives by acts of armed terrorist groups.

Homs governor Talal al-Barazi told SANA that humanitarian and relief tasks are going ahead according to the government program, pointing out that 500 food packages , 10 cars loaded with basic needs and 300 gas cylinders were delivered to the neighborhood to be distributed to the affected citizens.

He stressed that food materials are continuously delivered to al-Wa’ar neighborhood despite news broadcast on some media outlets, which are partner in shedding the Syrians’ blood, regarding the severe siege imposed on the neighborhood.

The governor hailed the scarifies of the Syrian Arab Army in confronting terrorists and working to restore security and stability to the country.

For their part, a number of al-Wa’ar residents who gathered on the surroundings of the neighborhood appreciated the governorate’s efforts in delivering aid to it.


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