Nigerian Islamic Movement Leader faces new criminal charges by zionist puppet regime

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The Nigerian Shiite leader, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, is facing new criminal charges by the local government, the AFP News Agency reported this afternoon.

According to the AFP report, Sheikh ZZakzaky is facing eight criminal charges from the High Court of Justice of the Kaduna State.

The Shiite leader is facing charges of committing culpable homicide, disturbing the peace, and unlawful assembly.

According to court documents, his supporters were armed with dangerous weapons — such as pistols, cutlasses and axes — and killed a soldier.

IMN spokesperson Abdullahi Yola told AFP the charges were “absurd”.

“Why is it that the charges keep coming after keeping the Sheikh (Zakzaky) in an illegal detention for two and a half years?” he asked.

If found guilty for culpable homicide, he could face the death penalty.


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