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Syrian Army captures Air Defense Base in East Ghouta

Shaam News Network | SNN
Shaam News Network | SNN


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched a powerful counter-attack in the East Ghouta region of rural Damascus on Monday, targeting the farms and military base situated northeast of the Islamist-controlled town of Hazrama.

Led by their 105th Brigade of the Republican Guard, the Syrian Arab Army foiled Jaysh Al-Islam’s attack on Monday, ending in the death of 3 Islamist rebels near the Air Defense Battalion Base.

Following the failed Jaysh Al-Islam attack, the Syrian Arab Army immediately countered at the Air Defense Battalion Base, resulting in the subsequent capture of this military installation near Hazrama’s northeastern outskirts.

With the base securely in their possession, the Syrian Arab Army turned their attention to the remaining farms located north of Hazrama, where Jaysh Al-Isam has built their last line of defense.

If Jaysh Al-Islam is unable to hold the defensive lines north of Hazrama, the town will ultimately fall to the Syrian Arab Army, marking the bitter end to the Islamist rebel presence in the area.

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