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New aid convoy sent to villages in northern Idleb to benefit 2500 families

New aid convoy sent to villages in northern Idleb to benefit 2500 families

Idleb Governorate sent Saturday another humanitarian aid convoy to the northern countryside of the province to benefit 2500 families.

The trucks, which were loaded with food stuff, medical requirements and furnishings, made their way into the villages of Sarmada, Qah and al-Dana, according to the deputy of Idleb Governor Ali al-Jassem.

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and the concerned UN offices cooperated in the delivery process, al-Jassem pointed out in a statement to SANA.

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Head of the SARC branch in the northern province Ma’moun Kharbout noted that the new convoy is the seventh to be sent since last month.

Aid delivery to people in need and those affected by the ongoing crisis in the country has been in full swing in the rural areas of the province, as another convoy of 11 trucks loaded with 4 thousand packages of food and medical supplies and furnishings was sent to the villages of Maaret al-Numan area in the eastern countryside. The aid was distributed to nearly 7000 families.

Two days earlier, a 22-truck aid convoy, which was the fifth to be sent in less than a month, reached several villages in the northern countryside, coinciding with a visit of a delegation of representatives of a number of UN offices to the governor.

The aid cargo, which also included food and medical supplies and furnishings, was unloaded in the villages of Atma, Sarmada and Qah along with the displaced families staying at the makeshift camps there.

The process of delivering assistance comes in the framework of the government’s relentless efforts to provide relief supplies to people affected by the terrorist war still raging in the country since 2011. Efforts have been remarkably doubled recently to cover all needy rural areas in Idleb.

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