Enemies of Syria

Names of Commanders of Terrorist groups killed in Lattakia

Staff At Turkish Crossing Fired at Syrian Territories

The Terrorist – Mohamed Kafah Abu Sa’id – Commander of “Omar Al-Mukhtar” Brigade

The Terrorist – Abu Qatada – Field Commander for “Ahrar Al-Sham”

The Terrorist – Abdul Mohsen Al-Sharekh – Field Commander for Al-Nusra Front

The Terrorist – Yousef Sa’ad – Commander for “Nasret Al-Mazloum” Battalions

The Terrorist – Ahmed Eid – Group Commander for “Nasret Al-Mazloum”

The Terrorist – Adel Ghulam nicknamed Abu Wala’ the Moroccan – Field Commander for Al-Nusra Front

The above names are all Commanders of Armed Terrorist groups participating in the so-called “Battle of Al-Anfal”, of whom most were killed today along with a number of Emirs (princes) from Al-Nusra Front, in addition to the deaths of more than 300 Armed Mercenaries so far.

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