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Mrs. Asmaa al-Assad visits Obstetrics Hospital in Damascus

20140308-224428_h531999On occasion of International Women’s Day, Mrs. Asmaa al-Assad visited the Obstetrics Hospital in Damascus on Saturday.

During the visit, Mrs. Al-Assad visited a number of mothers who gave birth recently and ones who are preparing to give birth, talking with them and checking up on their health and on the services they receive at the hospital.

Mrs. Al-Assad stressed the important and vital role of women who constitute half of society, asserting that this role becomes even more important in light of the difficult circumstances affected the country, as women often end up shouldering the burdens of both the roles of women and men in families.

She affirmed that the culture of life which is ingrained in the Syrian people is continuing and growing more deep-rooted with each passing day, saying that takfiris only bring darkness while Syrians bring back the light.

“They target science, schools and universities, and in response the number of excelling students in Syria increases… they produce death and you produce the culture of life, renewal and birth,” Mrs. Al-Assad said.

Afterwards, Mrs. Al-Assad talked to the hospital’s medical staff, who briefed her on how its work is progressing and what difficulties they face due to current circumstances in terms of procuring essential medicine and medical equipment.

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