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Premier Al-Halqi stresses necessity of adapting to war conditions

20140308-210217_h531983Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi stressed the necessity of adapting to war conditions by rationalizing expenditure, combating administrative and financial corruption and ensuring durable productivity of institutions.

Al-Halqi was speaking during a special meeting with province governors on Saturday.

Al-Halqi said that priority is given to improving the service and administrative sectors to meet the needs of citizens, as well as to the relief aid and compensating for the citizens’ losses.

The Premier affirmed that the government is keen to provide food baskets for citizens that it covers 70 percent of their finances.

He pointed to the importance of the emergency plan that the government laid down to rehabilitate infrastructure and realize social stability, highlighting the government’s interest in the health sector and the nationwide vaccination campaigns.

The Prime Minister underlined the necessity of national reconciliations as a fundamental part of political work and the efforts to broaden their scope through fostering a culture of tolerance and communication.

Al-Halqi affirmed the need for taking a firm line against corruption in all state institutions.

In turn, Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs, Local Administration Minister Omar Ghalawanji, stressed the need to organize governmental work and distribute it to cover all issues in a parallel manner, underlining the importance of carrying out projects properly and following up on them and making the best possible use of available resources.

For their part, the governors discussed the state of services, administration and developments in their provinces, and the visions, ideas, plans and programs for improving conditions in them and providing citizens’ needs.

In statements following the meeting, the governors said that the meeting tackled issues of importance for citizens, particularly in terms of relief, rebuilding, and providing supplies, stressing the need to pursue reconciliation.

They said that the meeting also discussed obstacles hindering the works of governorates, affirming that services are becoming stable in several areas and that other areas are recovering after the consecutive victories over terrorists achieved by the Syrian Army.

The governors pointed out to the massive efforts exerted by the government to support the Syrian Army and follow up on issues that concern citizens, and that there will be similar meetings with ministers in the near future to follow up on the issues discussed today.

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