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Larijani: Iraqi national unity may help fight ISIL better

Iran’s Parliament speaker has said national solidarity and unity is the only effective measure in fighting terrorist groups including ISIL.

Ali Larijani received Iraq’s Interior Minister Mohammed Salem al-Ghabban on Monday. Larijani stressed the importance of protecting Iraq’s territorial integrity, believing that some countries in the region had waged attempts to disintegrate Iraq; “maintaining a united Iraq as an important Islamic country is a strategic objective of the Islamic Republic of Iran; the only way to fight terrorism in Iraq is to promote national solidarity and establishing public volunteer groups along the Iraqi army,” Larijani said.

“Army’s successful operations along with volunteer forces of the public and spiritual support from the clerical order have created an insular barrier against the extremist fanatics,” he added.

Larijani praised ‘Iraqi officials’ excellent planning to provide security of the pilgrims during Arbaeen religious ceremonies;’ “Iraqi government and armed forces are highly competent in restoring security and stability across the country,” Parliament speaker asserted.

Iraqi minister for his part hailed supports by the Islamic Republic of Iran for Iraqi government and people ‘in hard times of the recent years;’ “Iraqi government and people will not forget these lavish supports by Iranian government and people; these supports are crucial for Iraqi government in running the country,” he added.

“Resistance by the high clerical order and national unity is key to Iraq’s success in the face of extremist terrorists; restoring stability in Iraq would translate into stability in the region,” al-Ghabban asserted, believing that measures taken by the coalition against ISIL have been less than enough and ineffective.

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