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Terrorists Sustain Heavy Losses in Syrian Army’s Preventive Attack in Quneitra Province



 The Syrian army launched a heavy attack on a group of terrorists who intended to stage an offensive on army positions near the town of Jaba from the direction of Masahereh town North of Quneitra province.

Several terrorists were killed in the Syrian army’s preventive assaults while a dozen more were wounded. The remaining pocket of the militants retreated to their positions.

Meantime, the Syrian army’s artillery units pounded the terrorists’ positions and movements around Ufanieh village and on Tal al-Hamrieh road South of Hazar town in Northern Quneitra, inflicting heavy losses and casualties on the terrorists.

In a relevant development last Wednesday, the Syrian army inflicted heavy losses on the terrorists in Quneitra after they launched attacks on a hospital and residential areas in the region and injured over 10 civilians.

Battlefield sources reported that the terrorists stationed in Jabata al-Khasahb region hit al-Khodami district and several houses in al-Ba’as town and Shahid Mamdouh Abaze with 17 rockets which resulted in the injury of 12 civilians, including children and women as well as two medical staff.

Meantime, the Syrian army in response targeted the terrorists’ positions and movements in the surrounding areas of Ufanieh village, West of Khan Arnabeh in Quneitra, inflicting losses on the terrorists.

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