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Israeli Circles Confirm Cooperation between Zionist Entity, Nusra Front

Israeli military and media circles confirmed that cooperation between the Zionist entity and Nusra Front, al-Qaeda offshoot in Syria, is rising near the occupied Golan.

Israeli Channel 10 reported that the occupation army asked the Nusra Front to halt its attack on the small Druze town of Hadar, noting that the Takfiri group responded to the Israeli demand.

Meanwhile, media circles justified the attack of the terrorist group on Hadar, saying that the southern town supports the Syrian government and that it represents point of departure for resistance attacks against the Israeli occupation forces.

“Druze in Hadar town back (President) Bashar al-Assad, and this is well known. Thus, Nusra front want to settle their account with them,” Israeli expert in Arab-Israeli conflict, Hazi Simantov told the Israeli channel 10.

For his part, Ore Heller, an Israeli military expert, warned against Druze appeals to save them from Nusra terrorists.

“We have to warn against appeals by Duze… as if al-Qaeda will commit genocide against them. They are in their villages in northern Golan, they back Assad and they don’t like Zionists,” Heller told the Israeli channel, noting that Samir al-Qintar “was touring these villages” to offer support and “recruit” their residents to operate against Israel.

Meanwhile, the Middle East expert Eyal Zisser confirmed there were contact between the Zionist entity and Nusra Front, in a bid to “organize relations on border” between the two sides.

Furthermore, Zisser accused residents of Hadar of staging attacks against the Zionist entity.


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