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Iraqi FM in Syria to demand further mutual security cooperation against ISIL

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has met Iraq’s Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Ja’afari in Damascus, discussing ways of eliminating the threat of terrorism. President Assad said the progress made by Syrian and Iraqi armies have contributed to blocking the spread of terrorism, stressing that coordination among the two countries would boost such victories further.

Al-Ja’afari also said Iraq continues to support Syrian people so they could remain steadfast in their fight against terrorism. He also said Iraq plans to develop strategic relations with Syria.

In a joint press conference with his Syrian counterpart, AL-Ja’afari further admitted that the two countries should boost their security cooperation.

Al-Muallem also lashed out at Saudi foreign minister for his statement that Assad has no place in Syria’s future. He stressed that this is the Syrian people’s decision. Both Syrian and Iraqi armies have been confronting ISIL takfiri militants since the terrorist organization emerged in the region. Syria has time and again said there should be genuine international will against ISIL and countries supporting it.

Iraqi and Syrian foreign ministers have expressed hope al-Jafari’s visit would pave the way for more cooperation between Syria and Iraq as the two countries are facing the mutual threat of terrorism, a fact that requires continuous joint action.

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