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Iran: Agreement between Islamic states with Zionist regime, US very shamefu



Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said on Wednesday that agreement among a number of Islamic states Zionist regime, and the US is shameful.

They agree to target Muslims and they even purchase weapons and cluster bombs to drop on Muslims, he said.

Disputes among Islamic states are increasing and we are now witnessing that they suffer crisis-hit status in those countries.

It is for many years that terrorist groups have disrupted Islamic countries and have created suitable grounds for presence of aliens among Islamic countries, he said.

It seems the Islamic states are ignorant to this reality that under such circumstances they put lives of other Muslims at risk, he said.

These countries help the Zionist regime behind the scene and regard incentives offered by the US and Zionist regime as friendly, he said.

The status of the Islamic Ummah is very troublesome and terrorists have brought them defame and trigger war under the guise of religious disputes, Larijani said.

It is very shameful that a number of Islamic countries have joined the US and Zionist regime to harm Muslims through purchase of weapons and cluster bombs and this is regarded as the biggest pain in the world Muslim, he said.

Westerners use the term “Islamic terrorist” which is totally nonsense and they have misused the situation, he said.

In 2013, some 239 terrorist operations occurred in the West and only two of them were Muslims but they use the term to harm Islamic ummah, Larijani said.

Terrorists and Takfiris have created a deplorable situation to humiliate Muslims, he said.

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