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Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi launches new SANA website

SANA-new-site-launchInformation Minister Omran al-Zoubi on Sunday launched the new website of Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), featuring a new design to keep up with technological developments and present rich content.
In a statement, the Minister described the launch as “an advanced step” especially that electronic media is now takes up a large domain of the work of the Information Ministry after the recent opening of Electronic Media Department.

He highlighted the importance of the network of electronic media outlets in Syria given their special traits in terms of content, variety, functions and the volume and speed of information published.
While stating that the Syrian media is new at the level of electronic media, al-Zoubi said the development of this field necessitates stepped up efforts, advanced technologies and well-qualified staff, in addition to keeping pace with the latest world developments in this regard.

SANA Director General Ahmad Dawa said the new website keeps pace with the latest technical and technological developments in the vast world of electronic media, which acquires a special significance with SANA being the top official source of news about everything in Syria.
He stressed that every thing about the new website, which took three months to be completed, has been accomplished through local efforts in cooperation with a group of skillful and talented youth at minimum financial costs.

Among the most prominent advantages of the new website, besides the diversity and comprehensiveness of the categories and sub-categories that cover all political, social and domestic sides, are posting photos, videos and photo reports at full speed no matter their sizes, according to Editor-in-Chief Bassel Naiyouf.
News editors interviewed came to a consensus that what distinguishes the new website is that it is time-and-effort-saving, easy to upload news, photos and videos and to browse through the miscellaneous, overarching categories that it features.

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