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Aleppo: Terrorists Continue Killing Civilians to Put Pressure on Syrian Army



The terrorist groups continued to pound residential neighborhoods in Aleppo on Saturday, killing and wounding a large number of civilians.

The latest reports by medical sources said, at least, 20 people were killed and over 60 civilians were injured after the terrorist groups shelled Aleppo’s residential areas, including the city’s districts of Midan, Azizia and Villat.

The Aleppo battle has entered a sensitive stage as the Syrian Army and popular forces, backed by Syrian and Russian Air Force, continue advances in the province, forcing the terrorist groups to push back from several strategic territories, military bases and vital supply routes.

The Syrian Army Command Center, meanwhile, has called on civilians to leave militant-held districts of Aleppo as soon as possible, vowing to launch a large-scale operation in the Eastern neighborhoods of the city to route out militancy.

The Syrian Army Commander Center in Aleppo said the government forces are getting ready to launch a large-scale operation in the Eastern districts of Aleppo, urging the remaining civilians near terrorist centers to move to safer districts or regions.

Meantime, Syrian army planes, for their parts, have dropped thousand of surrender-now leaflets over the terrorist-held districts in Aleppo.

Syria has been mired in bloody war since March 2011, with government forces loyal to Syrian President fighting numerous terrorist groups.

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