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First expo for reconstruction of Syria opens


The first expo for reconstruction of Syria, held under the titles “The Syrians Build Syria” and organized by the Syrian International Marketing Agency (SIMA), opened on Monday at Dama Rose Hotel, with the participation of 40 local companies.
Public Works Minister Hussein Arnous told journalists that the expo, which is organized in cooperation with the Ministry and the Syrian Commerce Chambers Federation, seeks to bring together the companies that can take part in the reconstruction stage, asserting that there are local skills, expertise, and capitals that can carry out reconstruction with the help of companies from friendly countries.
Expo 2
In turn, Director of SIMA Muwafaq Tayyara said that the Agency wanted the expo to be a meeting place to serve the reconstruction process and help lay the foundations of the coming reconstruction stage.
The three-day expo features companies specializing in the fields of building and construction, real-estate, architecture, energy, technical consultations, infrastructure, mechanics, banking, transport, and insurance, in addition to showcasing equipment and technology related to reconstruction.
A number of workshops and lectures supervised by the Public Works Ministry will also be held on the sideline of the expo.

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