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Education Minister: Rate of students’ attendance in Syria 72%

20140309-233024_h532217Minister of Education Dr. Hazwan al-Wazz said that the rate of attendance of students in Syria’s schools is 72% and the education cadres’ attendance reached 94%.

In statements to SANA on Sunday, Minister al-Wazz said that the total number of students during the study year of 2011-2012 was 5.536.668, while the number of students attending schools for the current year was 4 million.

Responding to statements made by UN Secretary-General in which he said that the number of Syrian students outside Syria is 2 million, Minister al-Wazz said that there are about 1 million Syrian students abroad and about 500,000 students in terrorists-controlled areas in the country.

He said that the damages caused by terrorist attacks against the education sector exceeded SYP 110 billion, adding that more than 3465 schools were damaged and 1000 schools were made as makeshift residential centers.

Minister al-Wazz hoped that all statistics and information would be taken from credible sources and with great deal of attention and honesty.

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