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Borujerdi observing voting: Syria is past war and is living victory

20140603-140428_h548314Chairman of the Iranian Shura Council’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Alaa-Eddin Borujerdi said Syria, by holding its presidential elections, is passing through “a stage of political success and resounding defeat of the U.S. military strategy”.
The remarks made by Borujerid, who heads an Iranian parliamentary delegation to take a close look at how the presidential electoral process is running at Syria’s invitation, came during a meeting with Speaker of the People’s Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Laham.
While hailing the great success of the Syrian expatriate vote in world capitals, which he said took by surprise the entire world, Borujerdi stressed that the general voting inside Syria will by far surpass expectations.
The presidential elections in Syria, he added, will prove “a strong response to the US and its regional and international allies who view with dismay the unshakable will of the Syrian people.”
The Iranian official affirmed that the Iranian government and people will continue to back the Syrian people at the international forums, the latest was a second Tehran meeting of parliamentary delegates from countries friendly to Syria, which brought together participants from 30 countries.
Following the meeting, al-Laham cast his ballot at the station inside the People’s Assembly’s building, with Borujerdi and the accompanying delegation observing the electoral process and the participation.
Speaking to the reporters afterwards, Borujerdi said “Syria is past the stage of war and U.S. threats, and is now living the atmosphere of victory.”
“We congratulate the Syrian people over this important political step on the level of the region and the world,” he added.
“The Syrian people are today voting with full freedom to elect a president for the Syrian Arab Republic and drawing their destiny and that of Syria,” the Iranian official told reporters, stressing that “From this step ahead, the US can’t threat Syria as the people stand by an elected president and won’t allow any foreign interferences in their country’s affairs.”
Borujerdi meets Elections Committee’s Chief, inspects voting at Justice Ministry’s station
Later, Borujerdi held a meeting with the Chairman of the Higher Judicial Committee for Elections Hisham al-Shaar, during which the latter stressed none of the three presidential candidates have received favored treatment by the Committee.
He affirmed the Committee’s absolute independence and neutrality in its work in regulating the electoral process and securing its transparency and integrity under the supervision of the Supreme Constitutional Court.
Al-Shaar further stressed that the process is going on under the full light of media outlets which have been present at various polling centers.
Borujerdi, for his part, said “There is no questioning whatsoever of the process,” adding that the Iranian delegation has come “to declare that we oppose war and support peace.”
The delegation later inspected the voting process at the station of the Justice Ministry.

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