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Syrians worldwide celebrate Dr. al-Assad’s winning new presidential term

20140605-155032 (1)Members of the Syrian community and students in Russia expressed pride and pleasure of the President Bashar al-Assad’s winning a new presidential term, stressing their confidence in his leadership of the upcoming stage towards a renewable resistant Syria.
In a statement, the Syrians in Russia said “We express our pride and joy on this historical day, the day when the Syrian people have chosen the president who will take the country to the safe side and combat terrorism.”
They renewed confidence and belief in President al-Assad’s wisdom and capability to achieve Syria’s victory and boost the pan-Arab nationalistic values.
The participants saluted the Syrian Arab Army, appreciating their great sacrifices exerted for the ammunition of their country.
Members of the Syrian community in the US took to the streets in several cities to express their happiness for the victory of Dr. Bashar al-Assad in the presidential elections with the sweeping majority of votes.
The Syrian community members toured the streets of Pennsylvania and Michigan raising the national flags and photos of President al-Assad and they chanted national slogans and saluted the Syrian Arab Army.
Huge masses of the Syrian community in Lebanon and Jordan celebrated Wednesday the Presidential victory of President Bashar Hafez al-Assad.
Members of the Syrian community in Lebanon and Lebanese people took to the streets after the Speaker of the People’s Assembly announced that Dr. Bashar Hafez al-Assad has won the post of the Syrian Arab Republic’s President for a new constitutional term.
The Syrians in Lebanon gathered in Beirut squares and suburbs, carrying photos of Dr. Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian flag, chanting national slogans.
In Amman, the Syrians living in Jordan, in addition to Jordanian people, gathered in front of the Syrian Embassy after announcing that President Bashar al-Assad has won the post of Syria’s President for a new constitutional term.
The participants hoisted the Syrian flag and carried photos of President al-Assad, expressing pleasure in the historic day.
They stressed that President al-Assad is the symbol of Syria’s steadfastness in the face of the terrorist Takfiri gangs and those who support them from the western countries as well as the Zionist entity.
Meanwhile, members of the Syrian community in Romania expressed happiness for the victory of President al-Assad in the presidential elections.
Syrians in Romania staged marches in the capital city of Bucharest to the Romanian Parliament which is the second largest building in the world.
In Cuba, the Syrian community also celebrated this victory, and the Syrian Embassy in Havana received tens of phone calls fro Cubans, Arabs and Syrians congratulating Syria for it.
The Syrians in Cyprus and members of the staff of the embassy in Nicosia also issued a statement in which they said by electing President al-Assad the Syrians-at home and abroad-proved that they reject the dictations and custody of any party whatsoever.
“We are so proud and happy that President al-Assad was re-elected,” said the statement. “We view him as a symbol of the sovereignty of our dear homeland and an invincible force against its enemies.”
Members of the Syrian Arab community in Austria expressed pride in the historical decision of the Syrian people of choosing Dr. Bashar al-Assad, stressing support to the Syrian Arab army.
In a statement, Members of the Syrian community stressed confidence in the future of Syria under the leadership of President al-Assad.

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