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Al-Maliki: Syria’s steadfastness foiled plan concocted for the region


Iraqi Vice President Nouri al-Maliki said that Syria’s steadfastness has foiled the plan which was concocted for the region, because Syria is the gateway to Iraq and Iran, adding that those who were betting on a military solution are now seeking a political solution for the crisis in Syria.
In an interview given on Saturday to al-Manar TV, al-Maliki said that the policies of states in the region and major players on the international arena produced the terrorism affecting Iraq and instability in the region, noting that he warned that the crisis in Syria will spill over to Iraq over two and a half years ago.
He said that Iraq rejected to take part in the siege on Syria, thereby going against what western forces wanted, and that it also rejected the war on Syria as it represented a prelude to war on Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, and the whole region.

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